Free Hair & Video Reward

This program is set for customers who have ordered from Withme Hair. We all believe reviews only from used customers are really trustworthy. There are 2 options for you.

Post a video (30-60 seconds) of you reviewing our hair on Instagram. We'd love to see you unboxing, combing/ brushing the hair, your installation process or a how-to video of you laying and slaying your Hair. Make sure to tag @withmehair_official

How Much Can You Earn

Post a video on your YouTube channel and review our hair. We'd love to hear your thoughts on our new packaging, to see you combing/ brushing the hair, how you install your hair or a tutorial video. Once you post qualified video you'll receive $20 cash reward within 3 working days . 

How Much Can You Earn

How to get free hair bundles?

Step 1: Contact Withme Hair to receive an exclusive coupon code.
Step 2: Share to your social media channel.
Step 3: Invite your friends to use the coupon code.
Step 4: The more people using coupon code, the more bundles you will receive.

Exchange Rules

You can exchange for hair bundles or lace wig of any types between 8 - 22 inch.
1) 10 friends used your coupon code, you will get 1 bundle hair weave or 8-inch Lace Wig.
2) 15 friends used your coupon code, you will get 2 bundles hair weave or 12 Inch Lace Wig.
3) 20 friends used your coupon code, you will get 3 bundles hair weave or 14-18 Inch Lace Wig.

We calculate the amount of the applied coupons at the end of every month. Once your coupon has reached the required amount of an exchange, we would inform you immediately and ship the bundles to you at the beginning of next month.
If you do not use up your credit during one exchange, you can accumulate till the next time it reaches the required amount to exchange for free bundles.