What Is Virgin Hair?

Virgin hair is more rigorous than other hair types. It's totally 100% unprocessed human original hair in any way, also chemical free. Has not been permed, not been colored, not been dyed and bot been bleached.

All the hair pieces are cut and collected from a single donor, so all the cuticles are unidirectional direction and intact. Because of the specialty, wearing this hair just as feel your own hair. With proper and regular hair care, the lifespan of virgin human hair can last for at least 6 months, even one year. By the way, virgin hair also can be named as 100 percent human hair

What Is The Difference Between Remy And Virgin Hair?
Many of us think that remy is same as virgin hair. But it is wrong. Here is the differences between remy hair and virgin hair.

they are 100% human hair. Virgin Hair has not been processed by any harsh chemicals.

Another is that this hair comes from one donor. As we’ve mentioned before virgin hair has not been affected by any bleaches, this also includes perms and color dye.

The main difference is that the donor for Remy hair more than likely used to dye, bleach, or treat their tresses, while the donor for virgin hair didn’t use any chemicals at all and will always come as it is without having to be rearranged.
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